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Connecting to SVPAL -- PPP accounts -- Windows 3.x (3.0, 3.1, 3.11)

What kind of hardware do I need?
A computer, a modem, and a phone line--any computer capable of running Win 3.x
What kind of software do I need?
If you have Windows 3.x, you will need winsock software, like Trumpet.
How do I configure Trumpet? (Win 3.x)
[This should go without saying, but...if your system is already configured to connect to some other server, you should write down your current configuration before you change anything, so you can restore it if something goes wrong. Where do you find your current configuration? Well, keep reading...if you have to change something along the way, that is what you should write down.]

Download the software first. Trumpet is shareware. You can try it for free, and if you decide to keep it, you must register it for $25. Look at the documentation for the details.

twsk30d.exe will expand into several files, so you should put it in an empty temporary directory. Then, run "install.exe" and follow all the prompts.

Note: The exact name of the file may vary as the version number changes.

Leave all the default settings unchanged. This is the information you will have to customize:

DNS server(s):,
Domain suffix: svpal.org
Driver: PPP

Dialer settings:

COMM Port: the port where you have your modem, for example, COM1
Baud rate: the appropriate baud rate for your modem, for example, 14400

Login Profile:

Username: login@svpal.org
Password: your password
Phone: SV-PAL phone number

Use your own login (account) name and password, not "login" or "your password" and the actual SVPAL's phone number you want to use instead of "SV-PAL phone number."

Server Profile:

Username prompt: svpal login:
PPP command: ppp

Corrections/update from Jim:
  I've gotten Trumpet Winsock to work correctly.  The key was under
Server Profile -- the on-line instructions should say to blank out
the "Command Prompt" field.

  With the default value in there, the script would abort after
logging on, leaving the modem connected but with unusable.  However,
it was possible to long on manually (following directions in the
Trumpet help file), and obtain a working connection.

  It may be helpful, too, to say that the "scan for IP address" 
box should NOT be checked.

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