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SVPAL User's Guide


* Connecting to SVPAL: Menu accounts (Text ONLY) º PPP accounts (Graphics)

* e-mail: Use pop.svpal.org for incoming mail, and smtp.svpal.org port 587 for outgoing mail. The specific configuration will vary depending on the software you are using.

For example, if you are using Thunderbird 1.5

You may also select "Use Secure Connection -- TLS" for incoming mail, under "Server Settings." Do not select "Use secure authentication." (This is not supported).

See also Mozilla Thunderbird Email Setup for SVPAL.

* Setting up your web page º

* SVPAL Policies

* SVPAL FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). The FAQ is outdated. See the User's Guide instead.

* SVPAL 2001 User Survey Results


Bandwidth - Rate of data transmission. For example, 100 MBps.

Bit - Binary Digit. One unit of information. In computer terms, 0 (zero) or 1 (one).

Byte - 8 bits.

Mb - Megabit. 1,048,576 bits (2^10 bits) when referring to storage; 1,000,000 bits when referring to data transfer, as in Mbps.

MB - Megabyte: 1,048,576 bytes (2^10 bytes) when referring to storage; 1,000,000 bytes when referring to data transfer, as in MBps.

Lynx - SVPAL's text-only Web browser.

PPP - Point-to-Point Protocol. The TCP/IP software on your computer allows you to dial up using a modem and become part of the Internet. Upon connection, you are assigned a dynamic IP address, and are able to use your e-mail, FTP and WWW software.

Spam - Unsolicited e-mail. Despicable waste of storage, bandwidth and people's time.

TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol. Communications protocols used to connect computers on the Internet.

Text/Menu - The text or menu accounts allow users to connect to SVPAL, and use SVPAL's e-mail, FTP, and WWW software (Pine, FTP, Lynx) via a menu system.

WWW - World Wide Web. System of Internet computers that host HTML documents and multimedia.

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