Serving Non-profit Organizations and Individuals

Silicon Valley Public Access Link (SVPAL) is a non-profit computer network which makes on-line information accessible to people living in the Silicon Valley (southern portion of the San Francisco Bay Area), regardless of financial status and educational level.

We are an all-volunteer organization and focus on serving people who cannot afford commercial computer networks, do not have modern personal computers, or need additional help in getting started.

SVPAL provides full access to the Internet. We also bring local community, government, education, and business information online.

Because our operations depend on donations of state, county, and local resources, neither SVPAL nor its users can utilize these services for commercial purposes.

SVPAL's Mission

Provide Services

  • Access to SVPAL and the Internet
  • Access to local community information
  • Education on use of SVPAL online service and the Internet

Target Users

  • Non-profit status
  • Financial limitations
  • Techniques (e. g. disabilities) limitations
  • Technology (e. g. old computers) limitations

Operate as a Business

  • Non-profit tax status
  • Reserve funds to ensure stable and long-term operation
  • Primarily run by volunteers