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Connecting to SVPAL -- PPP accounts -- Windows 2000

1. Go to Start, then Settings, then Network and Dial-up Connections:

2. The Network and Dial-up Connections window will open. Open Make New Connection:

3. Windows may insist that you identify the area code from which you will be calling:

4. The Phone and Modem Options window will open. Select "OK" to move on:

5. For the Network Connection Type, select Dial-up to the Internet, and Next:

6. Next, select "I want to set up my Internet connection manually..." and Next:

7. To "How do you connect to the Internet?" answer "I connect through a phone line and a modem", and press Next:

8. Type in one of SVPAL's access numbers, and press Next:

9. For "Internet account logon information", type in your user ID in the format login@svpal.org, where "login" is your account name in lowercase. Type in your password, and press Next:

10. Give this connection a name. For example, svpal, and press Next:

11. To "Set Up Your Internet Mail Account" answer No and press Next:

12. If you want to connect, check the next box and press Finish:

13. The Dial-up Connection window will appear. Press Connect to start dialing:

Now you are online, and ready to start your programs to retrive and send e-mail, browse the Web, and so on.

14. If you have trouble getting a good connection, try disabling the Hardware Features in the Modem Configuration menu. (Take a deep breath...from the Dial-up Connection window, go to Settings, then Settings again, then Properties, then Configure. Uncheck Enable hardware flow control, Enable modem error control, Enable modem compression.

15. If you want to add the other SVPAL access numbers, to redial them automatically in case your first number is busy, go to Alternates, and Add:

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