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Connecting to SVPAL -- Menu accounts

There are three options:

1) Telnet to svpal.org. Better yet, use SSH.
2) Dial in from a PC/Windows computer.
3) Dial in from a Mac computer.

Here we go:

1) Telnet to svpal.org
You may use this option if you already have a network connection. For example, another Internet Provider.

Open your telnet application. On a Windows/PC, you may simply go to Start/Run, type in telnet, and press ENTER. You will see something like this:

Welcome to Microsoft Telnet Client

Escape Character is 'CTRL+]'

Microsoft Telnet>

Now type open svpal.org and press ENTER.

You will see something like this:

FreeBSD/i386 (svpal.svpal.org) (ttyp8)

Type in your user ID, press ENTER. Type in your password, press ENTER.

Note: Passwords are case-sensitive. For example, BigBoy is not the same thing as bigboy or Bigboy.

Note: Passwords are not going to be displayed, as a security measure.

You should be logged in to svpal at this point. For other computers or programs, follow similar steps.

Using SSH (Secure Shell) instead of telnet is preferable, because the connection is encrypted. You will need to download and install an SSH client, and configure it accordingly.

2) Dial in from a Windows/PC computer.
Go to Start / Programs / Accessories / Communications / HyperTerminal.

If this is your first time using HyperTerminal, you may be asked to enter your area code. This is Windows' way of asking you whether you are going to be calling locally, long distance, and so on.

This will be known as "My Location." Select "OK"

Now you will be asked for a "Connection Description." You may type SVPAL and press ENTER.

Now you will be asked to enter the area code and phone number. Enter the SVPAL number you will be calling into.

Under "Settings," select VT100 in the "Emulation:" window and VT100 in the "Telnet Terminal ID" window.
3) Dial in from a Mac computer.
You will need to download and install a basic communications program, such as Zterm, and configure it similarly to the instructions in section (2) above.

Current Mac operating systems do not appear to include this kind of software.

"Remote Access" (System 8/9) or "Internet/Network" (System X) WILL NOT WORK--that software is for making PPP connections.

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