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Connecting to SVPAL -- PPP accounts -- Macintosh System 7 or earlier

If your Mac does not have PPP software, you will need to download and install software such as FreePPP 1.0.5 or FreePPP 2.6.2, depending on what your computer can support.

Instructions for both versions are included here.

[This should go without saying, but...if your system is already configured to connect to some other server, you should write down your current configuration before you change anything, so you can restore it if something goes wrong. Where do you find your current configuration? Well, keep reading...if you have to change something along the way, that is what you should write down.]

Configuring FreePPP 1.0.5

After you install FreePPP, reboot your Mac.

Open the MacTCP control panel, select PPP.


Select More, and Obtain Address from Server. The domain name is svpal.org, and the domain's IP address is


Select OK

Open the Config PPP Control Panel.


Select New... at the bottom.

Config PPP

Type svpal.org in the PPP server name window.

Config PPP

Select the correct port speed, according to your modem, and enter SVPAL's phone number in the Phone num window.

Config PPP

Select Connect script and edit it so it looks like this:

Config PPP

Use your own login (account) name and password, not "login" or "my password."

For example, janedoe@svpal.org

This will do exactly what it says: It will WAIT for the "svpal login:" prompt and then send OUT your login, followed by a CR (carriage return). Then, it will WAIT for the password prompt, and send OUT your password, followed by a CR.

Select OK

Go back to the main Config PPP window, and click on Open to establish a connection.

Config PPP

At this point you will probably hear the modem dialing and connecting.

When the connection is established, you will see that the FreePPP window says PPP Up, and the faces are smiling.

Config PPP

Congratulations. You are now online. You can start your programs to read or send e-mail, browse the web, and so on.

Remember to Close (and hang up) the connection when you are done.

Configuring FreePPP 2.6
After you download and install the software and restart your Mac, you will see a telephone icon (with a globe behind it) on the right corner of the top bar:


When you hold down the mouse on that icon, you will see three options:
Select the third one, which will bring up the FreePPP Setup window:

connect window

Now you have a Connect button and three sets of options:

Connect to: [Untitled/New Account]
From: [Home/New Location]
Using: [Generic Modem/New Modem]

Select Connect to: New Account, which will bring up the configuration window. Here, you should name the new account (for example, "svpal") where it says Account name.

account window

You have four connect options:
Select Using Connection Script. This will enable the Edit connection script... button.

Configure the script:

script window

Edit this window so it looks like this:

Wait for: svpal login:
Send: login@svpal.org
Wait for: word:
Send: your password

Use your own login (account) name and password, not "login" or "your password." For example, janedoe@svpal.org

If your modem and SVPAL's modem have a difficult time connecting, you may want to increase the Wait timeout value to give them more time.

In the "Dialup" window, enter the SVPAL phone number(s).

dialup window

Finally, in the Options window, type svpal.org where it says Domain name:

Make sure the IP Address is Assigned by PPP Server

Type in where is says Primary DNS:

options window

Select OK to save your configuration settings. If you go back to the PPP icon on your top bar, you should be able to Connect or Open PPP Connection now.

The modem will dial and connect, and you will be online. Now you can start your programs to retrieve and send e-mail, browse the Web, and so on.

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