What is a Personal Web Page?

Every SVPAL account includes an optional personal web page. This page is enabled if you choose to use it. A personal web page is a place where you can publish information about yourself, your family, your interests, etc. Whatever you put on this page is available to anyone in the world with with access to the Internet, so keep this in mind before putting anything there you might want to keep private.

You can tell others about your personal web page by giving them the Internet URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for your page. This URL takes the following form:

If your SVPAL account name is janedoer then you would enter the following URL into any web browser:

Note the "~" in the URL just before the username.

Creating your Personal Web Page

You create your personal web page by creating a directory (folder) in your SVPAL account directory named public_html. Note the name must be in all lower-case letters and the letter "_" (underscore) is part of the name. Install a file in this directory named index.html. Again this file name must be named entirely in lower-case letters. The content of the index.html file is displayed to users who browse to the URL described above. The index.html file is a text file that written in HTML that may contain text and links to image files.

You can use a program like Netscape Composer (included with the full version of Netscape [a free download from Netscape]) or Microsoft's Frontpage or Frontpage Express (a free download from Microsoft). These programs both provide visual tools for creating web pages.

After creating your web page you must upload it and any images to your SVPAL account using FTP. Log into your account with FTP and look for a directory named public_html. If it does not exist, then you must create it. Open the public_html directory. Then upload your index.html file and any graphics that you have included in your page.

You may create other web pages for your personal web page and upload them to your SVPAL public_html folder in the same fashion.