Using FTP with Internet Explorer

An easy way to use FTP to manage your account files is to use Internet Explorer (IE). IE provides a folder view of your SVPAL account files just like files on your personal computer. Start up IE and enter this URL, replacing USERNAME with your SVPAL account name.

If your SVPAL account name is janedoer then you would enter the following URL into the IE address field:

After entering this URL and pressing the Enter key, IE prompts you for your SVPAL password. Enter your SVPAL password and click the OK button, then IE will display a folder view of your SVPAL account, showing you the files and folders in your account. You may use this folder view to copy files between your account and your PC. You may delete unneeded files from your SVPAL account [be careful since deletions cannot be undone]. Generally, files starting with "." should not be deleted (e.g. ".pinerc", ".termtype").

Enter your SVPAL username below and click "GO" to browse your SVPAL account directory using FTP. This works for most web browsers, however most web browsers only allow you to view files and not modify them. If you are using Internet Explorer you can also delete and modify files.