SVPAL Accepts PayPal Payments

SVPAL accepts PayPal payments for service renewals. We accept PayPal payments via:

  1. your PayPal account balance,
  2. instant payment charged against your bank account, or
  3. your credit card.

You may also use your credit card to pay without signing up for a PayPal account (you will have to provide some personal information to PayPal to complete payment). Of course you always pay by mailing us a check.

To pay on-line, logon to your User Home Page to access your statements(s) on-line on our secure server ( Users with more than one account will see a statement for each account. Click on the Statement link to view the statement for the account. Then click on the Pay Now to initiate a PayPal payment.

For help understanding your statement click here.

Be sure the web address begins with If you check on the security certificate, it should say that it's "verified by Let's Encrypt" and that your connection to our server is encrypted. SVPAL recommends you enter SVPAL's web address by hand, or from a saved bookmark, not from a link in an email. Email is easily forged and phishing scams are common.

Login with your SVPAL account name (eg. janedoer) and your password. See the example of the login screen below.

Please enter your login name and password to authenticate. You must have cookies enabled to login successfully.

Login: janedoer
Password: ********

Mode: standard secure

After logon, your current SVPAL statements(s) may be accessed by clicking on the Statement link. The statement is very similar to those that are emailed. You may make a payment at any time, but you only need to make a payment if your statement shows that a payment is due. Click on the Pay Now button to start the payment process. You may repeat this process to make payment on each account that you have.

Once on PayPal's web site, you can verify the amount of the payment before proceeding. You may choose to log into your PayPal account, or select payment by credit card. Follow the directions to complete the payment. Allow a few days for one of our volunteers to credit your payment.