Accounting System Upgraded

SVPAL has changed it's accounting system. The old system system simply tracked a paid thru date which was updated upon receipt of a payment. The new system tracks a credit for each account based upon your payments. Charges are deducted from your account each month. When your account balance gets low, we ask you to make a payment to cover another year of service.

Each month we email you a statement, so you know what you are being charged and where you stand on your account. The statement indicates that a payment is due when you need to make another payment on your SVPAL service. If services are added or dropped, the system automatically charges the correct amount on the next billing cycle.

Jane Doer (1)

SVPAL Statement - First Notice (2)

Billing Info:
Friends of SVPAL (3) Acct#   9 (7)
Jane Doer (1) Invoice#   99 (8)
123 Main Street (4) Date   2005-08-15 (9)
San Jose, CA. 95125    
  Amount Due   $65 (10) (5)    
408-448-3071 (6)    

Remit To:(11)
PO Box 5052
San Jose, CA 95150

Pay the Amount Due to renew your SVPAL service(s) for another year. Include a copy of this notice with your payment to insure proper credit. Allow up to 14 days for your account to be credited. You may now pay your renewal through PayPal at (12)

Make corrections to your information so that we may update our records.

Statement of Charges

ServID Date Amount Description (13)

0.00 Beginning Balance (14)

2005-07-01 10.82 Account credit (15)
999 2005-07-31 -5.41 REG PPP - janedoer (16)

5.41 Ending Balance (17)


Type Description
REG PPP Dialup PPP Account connects your PC to the Internet

(1) Name of the account holder.

(2) "First Notice" means your account has come due and you should make a payment. "No payment due" means that your account is current and you don't need to make a payment. "Final Notice" means that the account is 30 days past due and will be closed after another 30 days.

(3) Name of organization (optional).

(4) Billing postal address.

(5) Email address for account billing. You may also specify an alternate email address to receive copies of statements.

(6) Telephone number for billing purposes. You may also specify an alternate telephone number.

(7) Your account number. This helps us identify which account for customers who have multiple accounts.

(8) Your invoice number if you are due for a payment. Indicates "N/A" when no payment is due.

(9) Indicates the date when this statement was generated.

(10) Display the amount of payment if a payment is due. Otherwise, left blank.

(11) Address where payments should be mailed.

(12) Web URL for online payments via PayPal. You may use a credit card to pay using PayPal without subscribing to PayPal's service.

(13) Charges on your account for the previous month.

(14) Your account credit balance at the beginning of the month.

(15) Credits and payments are listed as positive numbers. "Account credit" is the initial credit given each account to convert to the new accounting system. "Payment Received" indicates a payment we received for this account. The "Date" is the date credit/payment was accrued.

(16) Charges are indicated with a leading "-" (minus sign). The "Description" indicates the type of service. Charges are usually taken at the end of the month.

(17) Your closing account balance. If the closing balance is negative you are overdue for a payment.