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Otis King's Scales Unrolled on an Apple Color OneScanner

Rolling the cylindrical calculator along the glass of the scanner while it scans is tricky business. Don't try this at home unless you're patient and willing to get lots of bad results. I propped the cursor up on about 1/16 inch of paper so that it would roll without the knob dragging on the glass, so the scales are at least 1/8 inch away from the glass and moving at the wrong rate. Therefore, these pictures are not sufficiently dimensionally calibrated to use for accuracy analysis along the direction of the scales. Someday I'll rig a better way...

These two are at 100 pixels per inch, from a model L. First, the top scale, number 430, with both linear and logarithmic sections (the linear section is for taking logarithms, and the logarithmic section is for multiplying and dividing--both are used in conjunction with the lower logarithmic scale, number 429, shown in the picture after this one):

Otis King Scale 430 Unrolled 100dpi

Click on either picture to get a 300 pixel-per-inch version of the same image (takes a lot longer if you're on a modem line!).

Next is scale 429 from the same model L. I included the chrome-plated handle, which makes all kinds of nice color effects as it is rolled along the scanner and not kept in precise alignment with the lights and color sensors. The cursor's "hairline" mark and dimple are visible at the top of the picture.

Otis King Scale 429 Unrolled 100dpi

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