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Marketing Area

The Marketing Area defines SVPAL services, recruits subscribers, and assists them with value-added support services. This area consists of the following groups:

Strategic Planning

  • Develop long-term and short-term marketing strategies: identify subscriber base and needs, define product requirements and features, and establish pricing.
  • Develop strategies and materials to recruit new subscribers and information providers, including exploration of special user groups which are part of SVPAL's primary mission.
  • Develop strategies and materials to help subscribers with financial, physical, and other limitations.
  • Develop and implement strategies to recruit information providers: identify providers and needs, recruit providers, and post information or assist providers with information posting.
  • Develop strategies to obtain renewals from existing subscribers and information providers.
  • Perform (as needed) market research.


  • Recruit new subscribers and information providers.
  • Obtain renewals from existing subscribers.
  • Post and maintain information about SVPAL and Silicon Valley on public news groups and web sites, as allowed.
  • Pursue (as appropriate) other advertising.


  • Develop special community contacts and accounts, primarily for those groups fitting within the main SVPAL mission.
  • Develop requirements and programs (products) for special user groups.


  • Develop training class syllabuses and documentation for new subscribers and update as SVPAL services change.
  • Teach classes.


  • Post and maintain information about SVPAL and Silicon Valley on SVPAL's menu, and web site.
  • Assist SVPAL-based information providers with information posting.
If you need more information about a group within the Marketing Area or would like to volunteer to help a group, please send a message to the New Marketing Volunteer web AT email address and state the group of interest.