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Administration Area

The Administration Area is concerned with the internal management of SVPAL, including its accounting, billing, and legal functions. This area consists of the following positions:

Chief Administrative Officer

  • Oversees the daily operation of the organization and implements decisions of the Board of Directors.
  • Monitors operational problems and tasks and ensures their timely resolution or completion.

Office Manager

  • Responsible for the daily processing of financial, administrative, and customer records (including subscriptions and renewals) and the maintenance of bookkeeping records (QuickBooks).
  • Supervises office staff.


  • Certifies, maintains (in the corporate office), and updates bylaws (as amended by the Board of Directors).
  • Certifies elections of Board of Directors.
  • Is custodian of records (including board minutes) and the seal of the corporation.

Chief Financial Officer

  • Is custodian of corporate funds (whose day-to-day management is delegated to the Office Manager).
  • Responsible for maintenance of financial records of the corporation.
  • Prepares (or directs preparation of) reports that are sent to supervising agencies of the State nd Federal governments.

Volunteer Manager

  • Encourages and receives applications for volunteer services.
  • Interviews (as appropriate) prospective volunteers to determine areas of interest and expertise.
  • Directs volunteers to the individual groups where they are needed.
If you need more information about a position within the Administration Area or would like to volunteer for a position, please send a message to the New Administration Volunteer nobody AT email address and state the position of interest.