How do I maintain my Domain?

If you have chosen to allow SVPAL to maintain your domain, then you only need to keep SVPAL up-to-date on your domain registration information. If there is a change in the address, the name, phone number, email, etc., then let SVPAL know so we can update your registrant information. That's it. We make any necessary changes and pay the annual registration fee as long as you remain our customer.

If you have chosen to maintain your domain registration yourself, you must update your registration information through the registrar you have chosen. When registration fees are due, you must pay them yourself. You must also keep you domain name server information up-to-date. We will advise you if you need to update your listed domain name servers.

What are the SVPAL name servers?

The official name servers for sites hosted at SVPAL are:



If there is a change in this information, this web page will be updated to reflect the current information.

How you update this information depends on the procedure established by your domain registrar. Most domain registrars allow you to update your domain information via a secure session to their web site.

Checking my Domain Registration

You can check your domain name registration information using this form. If you are maintaining your own domain name registration, then you must follow your registrar's procedure for making updates. If your domain is managed by SVPAL, then contact SVPAL support.