In order to insure we have sufficient resources for all SVPAL users, we must impose limits on the amount of storage each account uses on our systems. This storage limitation is referred to as a “quota” or “disk quota.” Accounts that exceed quota may incur a disk usage change based upon the average monthly disk usage.

Soft (Free) Quota - 1GB

The soft quota defines the amount of system storage an account may use for free. The soft quota for each account is 1GB. When an account exceeds the soft quota, it is sent a weekly warning about excess usage.

Hard (Maximum) Quota - 2GB

The hard quota defines the maximum amount of storage an account may use. When an account reaches the hard quota no more files or email may be stored for that account.

Disk Charge

Accounts that keep their average monthly disk usage under the soft quota (1GB) incur no disk charges. Accounts whose average monthly disk usage exceeds their soft quota are charged $.01/MB each month that they exceed the quota. The average monthly disk usage is rounded up to the next whole megabyte when computing this charge. For example:

An account whose average monthly disk usage is 1000.1MB (megabytes) exceeds the soft quota of 1GB by .1MB. When computing the disk usage charge this .1MB is rounded up to 1MB and a $.01 disk usage charge is imposed for that month.

In another example:

An account whose average monthly disk usage is 1014.8MB (megabytes) exceeds the soft quota of 1GB by 14.8MB. When computing the disk usage charge this 14.8MB is rounded up to 15MB and a $.15 disk usage charge is imposed for that month.

Average Monthly Disk Usage

Each day at approximately 3am the system records the disk usage for each account on the system. This is the daily disk usage for each account. At the end of each month, the system computes and records the average monthly usage for each account by summing the daily values of each account and dividing by the number of days in that month.


The quota system has been designed to be forgiving. It allows users to temporarily exceed their quota by substantial amounts as long as the monthly average is maintained below the soft quota. If your average monthly usage exceeds the soft quota you will incur a modest disk usage charges in addition to your normal monthly account charges. If you must leave your mail inbox unmonitored for a period of time, the only cost is a modest disk usage charge. No special arrangements are needed.

However, if your usage reaches the hard quota, you may lose email or other content you store on the system. If you need this much storage on the system, contact support so that we may raise your hard quota to an appropriate level. You will continue to incur excess disk charges for usage over the 1GB soft quota.

Email Inbox

Your SVPAL account stores incoming email in your email inbox. Your email inbox consumes disk space on the system and counts against your disk quota. Accessing your email normally does NOT delete messages from the server. Your email inbox keeps getting larger unless you expicity delete the old emails.

Account Folder

Your SVPAL account allows you to store files in your account folder. This storage may be used to store saved email, personal web site files, Usenet news, or any other file storage you require. Saved email is typically stored in the Mail sub-folder. Saved Usenet news is typically stored in the News sub-folder. Your personal web site files are stored in the public_html sub-folder.

Scratch Folder

Each SVPAL account has a scratch folder where files may be temporarily stored. The scratch folder is intended as an area where you can place files for download. Files placed in you scratch folder are automatically deleted within 48 hours. You should delete these files yourself when you are done with them to allow other users to use the disk storage that these files are occupying. In any case, the system will delete these files.