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Welcome to my web site! A few words about myself: Navy electronics technician, 1954-1957. Marquette University (Wisconsin) Electrical Engineering, BSEE 1962. Born in Wisconsin; escaped the snow in 1962 when IBM offered a computer programming career in California. Retired from IBM in 1987.

Was married over 44 years, 5 children, 15 grandchildren, 5 great-grandchildren. Major interests: computers since 1959, astronomy since 1972.

My personal email e-address is jvn@svpal.org. For school star parties, use jvn@sjpc.org instead. But both will work.

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General advice for someone starting in the Astronomy hobby
Specific advice for someone in or near San Jose, CA., considering joining the San Jose Astronomical Association
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[Image: Jim's face]  I'm a member of the San Jose (California) Astronomical Association. SJAA has much to offer the beginning and not-so-beginning amateur astronomer -- a monthly lecture, introductory astronomy class, city public star parties, a telescope loaner program, etc.

  I'm a member of the San Jose IBM PC Club. Membership is limited to people who work(ed) for IBM in San Jose.

Pictures taken at Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. Click image to see a larger version.
[Image: Jim and 4-inch at Yosemite N.P.]
Jim and 4-inch telescope on its own mount
[Image: Jim's 8-inch at Yosemite N.P.]
The 8-inch with 4-inch riding piggyback.

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