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Logging into SVPAL's Menus

To access SVPAL's menu system, you may install SSH softare (such as Putty [available on our download page]), use our web browser SSL Shell interface.

Read these instructions first, then connect using SSH or the SSL shell login. In this window you will see the message:


At this point type in your user name. If your user name is janedoe, then type this into the telnet window. If you make a mistake typing your user name, just use the "Backspace" key to erase the mistyped characters. Finish typing by pressing the "Enter" key. The screen will now appear:

login: janedoer
Code 4516
Enter code:

Simply enter the 4-digit code that appears on screen, followed by the "Enter" key. Notice the characters you type do not appear on screen. This is a simple device to prevent botnets from brute force guessing our user's passwords.

login: janedoer
Code 4516
Enter code:
Now enter your password. [Note that your password does not appear on the screen even though you are typing.] If make a mistake typing your password, press the "Backspace" key several times to completely erase your typing and enter your entire password again. Finish by pressing the "Enter" key.

If you mis-entered your user name or password, you are again prompted for your user name. Try to login again.

Now the "Message of the Day" appears. You can press the "Space" key to scroll, or "q" to quit reading the messages. At this point the main menu appears. When you see "Enter the number of your selection", you have access to the menu system.

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Last Updated: Friday January 18, 2019