Silicon Valley Public Access Link

SVPAL: A Whole Community Provider

The Silicon Valley Public Access Link (SVPAL) is a non-profit volunteer organization providing e-mail, online community information, and Internet access. SVPAL is dedicated to making the world's information resources accessible to all who live here regardless of financial resources, physical capability, and education.

Mission and Vision

  • Provide electronic access to the world's information resources.
  • Provide outreach and training for online participation independently of individual resources and particularly to those who have difficulty being served today.
  • Provide online content for the local community and access to local information providers.
  • Provide access to community, school, and non-profit organizations.
  • Provide access to and for the government at all levels.

Individual Services: Who does SVPAL Serve?

In order to determine (1) who are the users of the Silicon Valley Public Access Link, (2) receive their assessments of what SVPAL is accomplishing and suggestions as to improvement, and (3) provide donors of Internet access a profile of the people who are benefitting from access, a survey of subscribers was conducted between December 2000 and June 2001.